can someone help me with this?

Accepted Solution

Answer:C) 3^3*x^-3Step-by-step explanation:okay, so let's just find the numerator and denominator separatelySo 27 is equal to 3^3. Numerator done.Now for the denominator:You need to know the laws of indices, specifically the one which says that square root of something is the same as to the power of 1/2, where the 1 signifies the power of the number inside the root and the 2 is for the square root. This means that the cube root would be power of 1/3. So here cube root of x^9, would be equivalent to x^9/3, which can be simplified to x^3/1 ---> x^3.This leaves us with 3^3/x^3. However, this isn't an option. We need to simplify the divide part of the expression. We can do that by using another law of indices which states that anything to the power of a negative number is the same as 1 over that number. (For example, x^-5 = 1/x^5) If there are numbers in front of the x, then that number would replace the 1, such as the following example: 9x^-3 = 9/x^3.In this question, our 3^3/x^3 could be changed using this law to give, 3^3*x^-3I hope this made sense and was helpful :))