I have a stat class review and what would be the letter choice for this scatter plot? A Scatterplot with the least squares regression line is shown. estimate the value to the nearest half unit what is the observed value for X=3A 1.5 B -1.5 C 4.5 D 6Please any explanation helps im offering 25 pts:)

Accepted Solution

The observed value when x = 3, estimated to the nearest half unit is y = 4.5.What is known as observed value?The observed value is the actual value of the variable. The points on the regression line are called predicted values.From the given image, we can observe that the value of y for which x is 3 is shown as somewhere between 4 and 5. The only value of y which lies between 4 and 5 in the given options is 4.5. It is the observed value.1.5, -1.5, and 6 do not lie between 4 and 5. Therefore, they are not the correct answers.Therefore, the observed value of y when x = 3, estimated to the nearest half unit is y = 4.5. The correct answer is option C.Learn more about observed values here: