Isa and Jack have part-time jobs.The amount that Isa earns is represented by the equation y = 9.5x, where x is the number of hours worked and y is the total pay.The amount that Jack earns is represented by this table.Select answers from the drop-down menus to correctly complete the statements.Isa earns ___ ($4.75, $8.25, $9.50, $16.50, )per hour and Jack earns ___ ($4.75, $8.25, $9.50, $16.50)per hour. Isa's hourly rate of pay is ____ (greater than, less than, equal to)Jack's hourly rate of payTime worked (h) Total pay ($)------------------------------------------2                          16.505                          41.258                          66.00

Accepted Solution

By process of elimination and plugging in the math we can say that Jack earns 8.25 an hour by multiplying 2*8.25=16.50. Isa must then earn 9.50, therefore she earns a greater hourly pay then Jack as a result