Samantha's hockey team is fundraising for a trip to Europe! They are aerating lawns to raise money. Aeratinglawns is a great service for homeowners because it helps the grass grow new roots and absorb waterproducing healthier lawns! The team has decided to charge $35/lawn for city-sized lots. The rental cost for twoaerating machines is $215. Samantha's team has planned a Saturday to aerate.a. Write an equation to relate the fund raised, R, in dollars to the number of lawns, I,aerated during the day.b. Samantha's team was able to aerate 26 lawns in one day! How much money did theyraise?How much money would the team lose if they were unable to aerate due to weather conditions? Is there anypossible way they could avoid this potential loss?plz help​

Accepted Solution

Answer:a)The equation is $35l-$215b)Amount = $695c)They will loose $215.Step-by-step explanation:From the question you should understand that;The charge is $35 per lawnThe rental cost for aerating machine is $215The funds raised is the amount gained after aeration work minus the cost of renting the machine.The equation that relates the fund raised and number of lawns aerated during a day is;Let number of lawns aerated that day be lThe cost to aerate one lawn per day is $35Cost to rent the aeration machine is $215a)The equation is ;[tex]=(l*35)-215[/tex]=  $35l-$215b)Money raisednumber of lawns,l=26Substitute in the equationAmount=$35l-$215=$(35×26)-$215=$910-$215=$695c)If the team were unable to aerate due to weather condition, they will incur a loss to to renting of the aeration machine.They will lose $215.This can be avoided by not renting the aeration machine when the weather conditions seems unfavorable for working.