Sarah needs 10 feet of fabric for a project she is working on, but the store only sells the fabric in meters. One meter of fabric costs $1.50. How much will the fabriccost?[1 ft = 0.305 m]A.$49.18B.$2.03C.$21.86D.$4.58​

Accepted Solution

Hello!The answer is:The fabric will cost $4.58D.$4.58Why?Since it's a conversion exercise, we need to pay special attention to the conversion procedure.From the statement we know that:[tex]1ft=0.305m[/tex]So, if she needs 10 feet of fabric, we need to convert it to meters, and then, calculate its cost.We have that:[tex]10*1ft=10*0.305m\\\\10ft=3.05m[/tex]Now, we have that each meter of fabric cost $1.50, so, 3.05m of fabric will cost:[tex]\frac{1m}{1.50(dollars)}=\frac{3.05m}{cost}\\\\cost=\frac{3.05m*1.50(dollars)}{1m}=4.575(dollars)=4.58(dollars)[/tex]Hence, we have that the cost of the fabric will be $4.58.The correct option is: D.$4.58​Have a nice day!