Sasha hikes into a canyon. She takes a break at the rest stations every 23 of a mile.If she started at sea level and has hiked down to the fourth rest station, what is Sasha’s elevation now?Select all that apply

Accepted Solution

Answer:Her elevation now is -8/3 mile.Step-by-step explanation:Please, write "2/3 of a mile," not "23 of a mile."Or write "two thirds of a mile."This situation is an arithmetic progression with initial value 0, common difference 2/3 of a mile, and counter i (1st break, 2nd break, and so on).Then a(i) = 0 - (2/3 mile)*i, ora(i) = (-2/3 mile)*iSasha does not take a rest break at mile 0.  Her first break occurs at 2/3 mile down the path into the canyon; her second at 2(2/3 mile), or 4/3 mile, etc.  Following this pattern, her third break is after 6/3 mile and her fourth after 8/3 mile.  Her progress is negative, since she is descending.  Her elevation now is -8/3 mile.